The Queen's Personal Australian Flag

the personal flag of Queen Elizabeth II in her role as Queen of Australia. The flag was approved for use in 1962. It is only used by the Queen when she is in Australia, or attending an event abroad in her role as head of state of Australia. The Queen's representative, the Governor-General of Australia has a separate flag.

The Flag of the Governor-General of Australia

The Flag is flown continuously in the presence of the Governor-General of Australia.

The flag has existed as three versions, the original flag used between 1902 and 1909 being a Union Flag defaced with a six pointed star, crowned, surrounded by ears of corn and a gold circlet. In 1909, following the addition of a seventh point to the Commonwealth Star on the Australian Blue and Red Ensigns, the star was changed to a seven-pointed star.

On 16 July 1936 the Governor-General adopted a new flag for official use in Australia. The flag has a 1:2 ratio, it has a royal blue background and in the centre of the flag there is a Royal Crest (a crowned lion standing on a St Edward's Crown) and the words "COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA" in dark blue letters on a gold scroll below the Crest. A similar design is used in most other Commonwealth realms.

The flag is flown continuously wherever the Governor-General is in residence and is also used as a car flag.

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