Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Republican Push

Since Sunday we have seen mass tidal waves from the press from all quarters national and international reporting on the Australian Labor party agreeing in a vote last weekend that future labor governments will attempt to actively progress the abolition of the monarchy in Australia.

Now I don't believe for a second that writing this column is going to stop Labor and the republicans from ruining Australia and it's long standing history and culture that has been with Australia since 1788.

I think like millions of loyal Australian's to Her Majesty the Queen, this is a huge mistake for Australia and for the once great working class Labor party.

We all know that if Australia was to become a republic we would of course have to change many things such as the Australian coin designs which feature the monarch's likeness or portrait, which at the moment by law is required.

Law enforcement and army badges would have to be redesigned because they symbolise the crown as the legitimate authority in Australia as well as the 'laying up' of the regimental queen's colours for the same reasons.

An excellent example of this would be a the ceremony that the Indian army had in laying-up their kings colours when they become a republic. Which you can watch here

However there are things that no one has talked about, such as the Australian coat of arms that we have all seen hanging atop government buildings, the Australia shield with the other state arms emblazoned on the shield with the kangaroo and emu as supporters.

All state and territory arms including the commonwealth arms described above were granted not by the College of arms in London but by Her Majesty the Queen, so in a republic these arms would have to be removed and replaced with some corporate deign most likely.

All Australian's currently are able to apply to the College Of Arms in London for a full coat of arms and everything that entails, however In this hypothetical situation where Australia has gone down the wrong path, Australian's wishing to bear arms would only be allowed 'honourary arms' and only after they can prove a british connection.

Another Blow to Australian culture and heritage would be the Australian honours system, whether you are a fan of the Knighthoods and Damehoods being reintroduced won't matter because in a republic the current Australian honours system which currently holds 55 awards would also be dismantled because they were created by letters patent by the Queen, including military honours like the Victoria Cross.

You can read about the creation of honours on the it's an honour website here

The most saddening thing about Australia moving towards a republic however will be the loss of the monarchy and what it represents to many Australian's, in this ever progressing world it represents the old fashioned traditions and values that Australian's still have a deep respect for and still cherish,

A common mantra that republicans say is that even if Australia was a republic the royals would still be in magazines and news papers for people to enjoy, and they may well be, but the fact is it'll mean nothing to Australians because the links would be severed.

So unlike the tabloids and reporters all in favour of a republic and like the millions of loyal Australian's I will continue to be loyal to Her Majesty, our realm and crown to the bitter end.

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